Hello 2015

As is common practice for most individuals I have decided to make some rather hefty goals for 2015 because let’s face it I reveled in things I couldn’t change and let the days go by with making no effort to better my life or the life of others. I am ashamed because my Mother taught me better than that. She also taught me to not wish my life away because our days are not guaranteed. That became ever so true when she passed away July 8, 2014…a day that will forever impact my life. While it is a day that I lost my Mom I also found out how strong of a person I am and that she taught me well.

It is my goal for myself this year to make a difference in my life and for those around me beginning with my son who was born on November 17. How am I going to do this? I’m not quite sure. I have ideas in mind but I am a dreamer and not a planner which means if anyone who is reading this were the betting type don’t bet on me completing ALL of my goals. Instead, I want to look back on 2015 and say “I lived this year to the fullest!” I feel that even though my Mom isn’t here physically she is here in spirit. As crazy as it sounds when the ball dropped last night I felt a sense of peace and acceptance of not having Mom here. Instead, I realize she is in everything I do. I still find myself thinking what would Mom do or say in certain situations. So 2015, I’m not going to wish you to bring me a better year because that is something that is entirely up to me. I want to look back next New Year’s and say “2015, you were awesome and let me show you why!”

I have a plan in mind as to what I want to accomplish this year. This is not a how-to blog but simply a live and learn blog instead. If anyone reads this and draws inspiration that’s awesome! I am the person who loves reading other individuals’ experiences and gaining some new insight. I want to try new things and share on here because quite frankly my memory is short-term and this will give me an outlet to remember all the things I hope to accomplish. So how am I going to choose the things I want to try? The answer lies in the awesome world of (drum roll please…) Pinterest.

I am a Pinner but not a doer. I like to pin but never act on what I pin. Maybe it’s a fear of things not turning out like the pins or maybe it is simply because I forgot about what I pinned. The latter in most cases is for my low percentage of Pinterest completion. So this year my goal is to only Pin things I will attempt and try. This will include DIY projects, recipes, workouts, etc. I will also include quotes as a daily try because words of wisdom are just as important in times of heartache…or laziness. I need those days of laziness. Pinterest is an amazing invention but I, like many others out there, have not followed through on what I pin. Maybe I am drawing inspiration from the movie “Julia and Julia” but I want to blog each day on something I have Pinned.

So here it goes…let the Pinning and doing commence. If I fail and miss a day or two…or week…I will not abandon the Pinning experiment. It will be challenging and difficult seeing as I am now a Mom and will soon be returning to my full-time day job next month but I feel these projects will do me good.

To all of my Pinterest comrades, let’s start attempting what we Pin…it’s no telling the things we can learn and do from them…or fail miserably at attempting them. The important thing will be we tried.

Finally, Happy New Year to anyone who reads this. May 2015 be a healthy and happy one! I leave you with an image of my pride and joy who happened to make the cutest New Years baby!newyearsbabyMarshall Thomas



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