Day 2…

So I didn’t get to complete a Pin today. Motherhood beckoned me as did a husband, house and pets.
Seriously, maternity leave has given me perspective on the 24/7 life of the stay-at-home Mom and Wife. Notice I capitalize both because they are job titles in themselves. If I wasn’t sterilizing bottles and pumping (breastfeeding is a chore especially the pumping) I was feeding or changing the baby. When he napped it gave me a chance to pick up my messy house and take care of the pets while also fixing lunch for the husband. This last chore may offend some and let me clarify something. I do not believe in waiting on my husband left and right. Instead, fixing him lunch let’s me know that he has in fact eaten for the day. Seriously, how does someone forget to eat?! Said husband does this when I am not around. Anyway, I digress.
I did get out of the house to get my hair cut and to pick up some things to help my sister with my niece’s birthday party tomorrow. The time away was nice but I must admit I missed my baby, the pets, and the husband…in that order. I did start a crochet project of baby booties and have to complete a cat butt coaster for a co-worker. Shew…I am exhausted but I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Until tomorrow…


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