Better Late Than Never

Okay so I have already dropped the ball on blogging everyday. Resolution broken…but I’m not stopping. Random thought…I believe the problem with New Year resolutions is that when they are broken we don’t look at the possibility of restarting them. We wait until next year. If last year taught me anything it is the fact that we are not guaranteed next year or even tomorrow for that matter. So I won’t remember to post every day but guess what? I am still going to stick to this blog and all I can accomplish.
So yesterday I started crocheting a child’s hat and realized it barely fit my 7 week old. Usually that means I drop the project and start something new but not this time. I started from scratch. I would post a pic but it still isn’t finished. The end result however will be worth
the wait…maybe.
That’s all for now…just remember kept on keeping on. You will be better off for doing it.


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