Everyone has, or has had, a hobby at some point in their life. I have had many it seems but none have really stuck like my love of crochet.
It’s strange to me that I like to crochet; something that I thought only old women did and items created were those that eventually found themselves donated to the local Goodwill. This was my take until a friend of mine helped to awaken my love and appreciation for the craft. I tackle crocheting as a puzzle because I love to attempt complex and unique patterns…the downside is I haven’t mastered my own design patterns because I don’t know how to do it…I digress.
For me, crocheting helps me escape the day to day things that trouble or stress me and in the end I have created something (hopefully) beautiful m
This week I started working on smaller projects in order to deplete my extensive yarn collection.


I have created a number of little hats in the last couple of days using this soft Bernat yarn. They go from preemie to 6 months.


Here are some of my creations. My favorite is the one below.



I love the button detail on it. I had bought these buttons months ago and forgot about them. I think I paid $4 for 100 buttons and am in love! I used another one as a finishing touch on a mug cozy shown below.


So here is my next thought…what do I do with my creations? Should I sell them? I have always had an issue taking people’s money for things I have made. I do think that once I have built up my collection of items I will bite the bullet and open my own Etsy shop. A friend has already commissioned me to make the amazing cat butt coasters I had discussed in a previous post.
To anyone who has used Etsy or has advice on this please share. I  so new to this.
Until next time…Now it’s time to enjoy some wine and troll Pinterest for some more crochet ideas.


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