An Update on Marshall’s Vision

Our little one is 6 1/2 months old and it makes me sad. I look at him and wonder where has the time gone? I know that when I first blogged about his vision problems we were at a wait and see on what exactly our little can see and do. This is what I can officially say…he loves life! Our little man is in to everything. He rolls, talks all of the time, eats continuously, would rather stand than sit, and it pretty much sitting up on his own when  he so chooses to do so. He has even begun tracking various objects which is a big improvement. Needless to say, our kid is doing great. Are all of my fears gone? But I have accepted they never will be. He still has vision problems but the greatest feeling is knowing that he can see and he is improving. We go to the Ophthalmologist in one month to see how he is doing. Of course I’m nervous but I also know that Marshall is improving everyday and whatever we find out we will deal with.

Marshall at 5 months during his first pool experience
His 5 month birthday was celebrated in Nemacolin Resort in PA.

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